What is the best way to keep away mosquitoes?

Reducing the presence of insects in your home is the real challenge of the summer season. On the market there are anti-mosquito systems for every need, but which is the most effective and which allows you to save money without sacrificing protection from these annoying insects?

In this article we will examine operation, cost and practicality of use of the main types of mosquito protection systems, to identify which is the most convenient. Mosquito fogger machine can be very nice at this situations.

Mobile anti-mosquito systems

Mobile mosquito repellents are among the most common systems. The removal of insects occurs thanks to the emission of an insecticide substance, ultrasound or carbon dioxide.

Everyone will be familiar with traditional systems based on repellents such as lemongrass, used for candles, or pyrethrum, used for mosquitoes.

Their effectiveness is certainly not high, especially in very large environments or against more aggressive insects such as tiger mosquitoes. In the case of the zampironi, it is then added the not really pleasant smell they produce. The only really advantageous aspect is their cost-effectiveness and availability: the price of the packages does not exceed 10 euros and you can buy them both online and in major supermarkets.

Electric diffusers

If you are looking for greater effectiveness, you will usually turn to electric speakers of insecticide, carbon dioxide, or ultrasound. There are two types of electric insecticide speakers: liquid speakers and platelet speakers. Both are very compact products, similar to air fresheners. In liquid models there is a refillable tank at the base, and in platelet products there is a slot to insert the refill. Both liquids and platelets can be based on natural insecticide (citronella or pyrethrum) or chemical products. The effectiveness of these two systems is quite good in small environments, while it is poor in larger spaces. Another potential defect is that the chemical composition of the insecticide is not always known: for prolonged use it is therefore advisable to opt for products that emit natural substances. As for citronella and zampironi, the advantage is the very low price range, between 10 and 20 euros for a package.

Ultrasonic or carbon dioxide anti-mosquitoes, on the other hand, do not emit particular essences: the emission of carbon dioxide simulates that of the human body “deceiving” the insects that approach and capture them inside. Instead, ultrasonic mosquito repellents emit frequencies capable of confusing insects.

The cost of these accessories is relatively low: between 15 and 30 euros for ultrasonic mosquito repellents, between 20 and 40 euros for carbon dioxide models.

The advantage of mobile anti-mosquitoes is that they are cheap, compact and easily available after the summer season; the disadvantage is that they do not provide total protection from mosquitoes.

There are also anti-mosquito devices designed specifically for outdoor use. These are lamps that keep insects away or trap them. The types of anti-mosquito lamps that can be found on the market are different: the classic large rectangular anti-mosquito lamps are suitable for outdoor environments and their effectiveness is quite high. We point out that on the market there are also more compact models that can also be used indoors: some of these anti-mosquito lamps can also be powered via USB connection. Compared to indoor anti-mosquito lamps, mobile outdoor devices have a slightly higher cost: the prices of the lamps are in fact between 20 and 40 euros.

A separate note should be made about non-mobile outdoor systems, i.e. mosquito protection systems with automatic spraying, suitable for particularly large outdoor environments such as gardens. These will require a more substantial investment, because it will be necessary to connect to the water supply and the installation of spray nozzles by specialized technicians. The complete system can have a price higher than 600 euro, but their effectiveness is certainly greater in large environments, in some cases even over 100 square meters.

Fixed anti-mosquito systems

So let’s talk about fixed mosquito nets, that is mosquito nets, which offer total and continuous shielding from insects. We can distinguish between removable mosquito nets and built-in mosquito nets.

Removable mosquito nets

The great advantage of magnetic or adhesive mosquito nets is that they can be assembled and disassembled very easily, both during the day and at the end of the summer season. Usually removable mosquito nets are sold in standard sizes: 90 x 210 cm or 140 x 240 cm, but they can be cut as needed.

Magnetic mosquito nets are particularly suitable for doors or French windows, as they can be opened to facilitate the passage of people or animals. The disadvantage is that by frequently opening and closing the two flaps, insects could also enter the house.

Adhesive mosquito nets have the same characteristics as magnetic mosquito nets, the only difference is that these models cannot be opened. This could be a disadvantage because, for example, sunlight will be filtered out.

As for the cost, the adhesive mosquito nets are very cheap and have a price of about 5 euros. Magnetic mosquito nets also belong to a low price range: their cost ranges from 15 to 30 euros.

Finally, let’s take a look at the mosquito nets that have to be embedded in the window or door frames. The difference between roller and frame mosquito nets is the mounting system: in the former there is a small box inside which the mosquito net is collected when not in use, while the latter have a real frame that is mounted near the glass.

The advantage of these two types is that they are almost always concealed and are very durable. The disadvantages are the high cost and the need to contact a specialist for assembly.

It is difficult to provide a precise price range because the overall cost depends on the size and number of doors and windows, the materials and the type of labor required. The price of roller insect screens starts approximately from 50 Euros (cost for installation on a window) and can exceed 500 Euros.

For frame insect screens the price range is even higher: from 100 to 1000 euros. Please note that both types can be found online at lower prices: if you choose these products make sure they are compatible with your window frames.

Conclusion: which anti-mosquito system is worthwhile?

As far as indoor mosquito nets are concerned, adhesive and magnetic mosquito nets are the most convenient in terms of price, ease of assembly and degree of protection offered: they offer almost complete shielding, are easily available and do not require specialized manpower for assembly.

The effectiveness of moving mosquito nets is limited, but if mosquito nets cannot be installed on every window, it is best to use systems such as electric speakers.

Roller or frame insect screens are recommended for people who have French windows, gardens or rooms with many plants, and are willing to make an important investment to ensure a durable solution and more effective protection against other types of insects or animals.

As far as outdoor anti-mosquitoes are concerned, convenience depends on the size of the rooms: to ensure effective protection in a very large garden, we recommend a system with nozzle vaporizers to be installed along the perimeter, while for smaller rooms the most convenient device are the lamps.

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