The Cockroach: The Unwanted Guest

The cockroaches (or cockroaches) belong to the order of the Blattoidei, a large family of insects particularly widespread.

They are in fact classified as the most common pests throughout the planet.

Cockroach infestations are very frequent, regardless of where your home or business is located.

The urban centers in the countryside are often plagued by the plague of beetle colonies, which, thanks to their rapid prolification, are able to triple their presence constantly and in a short time, thus increasing the severity of the infestation.

In order to face a safe and definitive fight against cockroaches, it is advisable to turn to a professional company able to solve the problem quickly.

The cockroach pest control cost is directly proportional to different factors that are taken into account; in fact, there is no standard cockroach pest control cost for each type of situation, but it is calculated on:

  1. size of the area to be disinfested;
  2. density of the degree of infestation.

SoS Cockroach Emergency!

If the number of cockroaches you have found at home (or in your commercial or industrial activity) is higher than 10 then the cockroach problem is quite serious and could get worse in a short time. Depending on the degree of infestation we will know how to deal with the problem and with which of the methods currently existing, so it is important to give a rough figure to the technician.

Cockroaches have a very fast reproductive cycle for this and other reasons you do not need a second more than necessary to carry out deblattization before the invasion is too extensive. One female can give birth to over 100,000 small cockroaches. The only way to have effective control over cockroaches is to rely with confidence on experienced professionals who will recognize the breed of cockroaches by implementing the appropriate strategy to destroy the colony in the shortest possible time.

Deblatization –°ost

The costs for professional pest control depend on the size of the area to be treated and how serious the infestation is. Prices also vary from city to city so we can find a cost of Disinfestation cockroaches Milan that is around 60 euros, in Naples 50 euros while in Catania could have a cost of 55 euros taking into account a two-room apartment of about 50 square meters. The variables are many and it is advisable to ask for a free quote to have a personalized and precise cost estimate. There are in fact situations of advanced infestation that may require thousands of euros for deblatization, especially in cases where you have to disinfest down into the sewers since the infestation is extensive.

Cost Of Professional Deblatization: What Is The Difference?

A professional deblatization intervention is clearly different from do-it-yourself treatments and has enormous advantages, let’s see what they are and why it is convenient.

It is necessary to intervene with a professional deblatization when there are many cockroaches in the apartment even after using insecticides and over-the-counter chemicals.

If the presence of cockroaches persists it means that the infestation is more widespread than expected and it is necessary to intervene quickly to prevent the spread of diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera, hepatitis and salmonellosis. Not everyone knows that cockroach feces cause allergies and breathing problems. Many times the headlight methods do not solve this problem because cockroaches manage to hide in places that are difficult to access. The products on the market are limited for the safety of the user and therefore depotentiated, which is why they are not able to achieve an optimal result. Moreover, with these products you can risk poisoning, the danger mainly concerns children and pets. Even if the user reads the instructions, he does not have adequate preparation to identify the danger in the product he is using and this can put his family at risk.

How To Avoid Cockroach Infestations?

Cockroaches are very resistant insects and can live for more than 30 days without touching food but, as with all living things, the need for water is absolute. Without water a cockroach can only last 15 days. For this reason it is good to eliminate all sources of water both in and around the house. Bowls for the dog, buckets, undercooked everything that can act as a container for water must be eliminated or emptied immediately after use taking care to pour the contents into a manhole or on the ground so that it does not remain on the surface. Food must be sealed in airtight bags and jars and stored in the pantry which must be emptied and cleaned regularly checking that there is no cockroach excrement.

The crumbs that inevitably form during meals should be collected meticulously with the help of a vacuum cleaner on the floor. The table and furniture should also be free of food remains that would attract cockroaches. It is also a good idea to check that there are no leaking water pipes in the house or cracks in the walls where the insects could hide and nest. Cockroaches can enter the house in different ways, we could also be the ones to bring them as often happens with suitcases used for a trip. The cockroaches hide there or lay their eggs which we then take home. Other places where cockroaches enter the house are the drains from the sink, the shower, the entrance door if it is not well insulated, the ventilation holes in the stoves or the kitchen, etc..

What Does The Cost Of Deblatization Include?

Professional deblatization for civil dwellings involves three phases: prevention, remediation and monitoring. Prevention means taking all the precautions needed to prevent cockroaches from entering the house and finding fertile ground to build their colony. Reclamation is carried out when the infestation is already present and all the cockroaches present, including the eggs, are eliminated. The third phase of the deblattisation intervention is the monitoring during which the specialist checks that there are no cockroaches or eggs left that could give rise to a new cockroach infestation by hatching.

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