Setting up the circular saw

Before starting work, you should:

  • put the disc;
  • make sure that it is securely fastened;
  • make sure that the protective cover opens freely and returns to its original position when the handle is released;
  • check the correct installation of the riving knife;
  • make sure the saw is working properly by holding it in the ON mode for 10 seconds without load.

It is quite easy to adjust the saw before use. This requires:

  1. Adjust the position of the guide slot on the table and disc using a vernier caliper, aligning the guide slots on the blade. When checking the tooth in the front and back of the blade, the difference should not exceed 0.05 mm
  2. Check the parallel stop with a slot or slot. Here the offset should also not be more than 0.05 mm.
  3. Make sure to align the riving knife with the blade so that it is in line with the blade. In case of mismatch, a more accurate adjustment is achieved by rotating the washers Advice! When removing the knife, remember the position of the adjusting washers so that they do not re-adjust later.
  4. Tighten the mounting bolts securely to protect the table and the machine from vibration

What is a circular saw for?

It is designed to cut coniferous and hardwood boards with a moisture content of no more than 50% and a thickness of no more than 64 mm. It is allowed to cut plywood, aerated concrete, chipboard, asbestos-cement, and cement-particle boards. Use the best track saws.

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