Iron Garden Side Tables: A Choice Of Style

The iron garden tables are an indispensable element in the furnishing of outdoor spaces.

The garden or terrace are living spaces that enrich your property and give added value to the house.

Lucky who has the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor space to spend peaceful hours outdoors. A quiet breakfast, a relaxing reading, an afternoon of relaxation under the warm spring sun, a cheerful summer dinner with friends …

Today there is a growing interest in furnishing even outdoor spaces, where the garden or terrace becomes a second living room. Furnishing the garden has become an art that requires skills and attention on a par with interior design.

The main protagonists of outdoor furniture are certainly the furniture.

Among these the table plays an important role because it is around this complement that all the rest of the furniture is developed, from the chairs to the possible gazebo, the deckchairs or the benches.

If you want to give your garden furniture an elegant style, you must definitely focus on wrought iron garden tables.

Wrought iron garden tables are manufactured in all shapes and sizes: square or round, rectangular or oval. They can be embellished with copper, silver, brass or bronze finishes and decorations.

Depending on your needs you can vary between different types:

  1. You can choose a garden table totally in iron.
  2. Maybe you prefer it covered with a wooden table, to give a more rustic touch or to have a perfect worktop for your garden.
  3. But if you want to go for the classic or you need to give Mediterranean warmth to your outdoors, you should definitely opt for a wrought iron coffee table with the top decorated and embellished with ceramic or mosaic tiles.
  4. If you have a romantic soul and love the shabby chic style, the white version is for you.

Wrought iron garden furniture is not only an excellent choice of style to furnish your garden. Compared to other materials, such as wood or rattan, iron is above all a practical and functional option, because iron garden tables are treated with galvanising and special varnishing that make them particularly resistant to atmospheric agents.

They are therefore designed to last over time and do not require special care or maintenance.

Iron and Rust

The first doubt when thinking about buying an iron garden table is that it may rust.

In fact, even if a good table is made of resistant material, excessive exposure to weathering can ruin it before its time.

However, it only takes a few precautions to keep it intact.

  1. If it is not possible to place it sheltered under a gazebo, you can cover it with a tarpaulin on the most insistent rainy days.
  2. In addition, you can, from time to time, wipe it with a specific cleaning agent – easily available in gardening or DIY stores.
  3. The coffee table can be repainted with a varnish of the same color, or even different if you want to change the look of your garden furniture. This work can be done without effort or special skill and can also be pleasantly fun.

But sometimes the little brown spots caused by the rain can give your iron garden table an interesting vintage touch. Then you might even speed up the aging process by passing an abrasive sponge over the surfaces you want to darken.

Last Tip

Before choosing your iron garden table, consider what you need to do with it.

Do you need it for work? Or for big family lunches? Do you have little space and just need to decorate your little corner of relaxation? And what style do you want to give your outdoor space? Which chairs or other furnishing elements can you match without making it a confusing style?

Also entrust them to companies that are experts in the production of garden tables, which can ensure a higher quality of the product, as well as perhaps an after-sales service or a guarantee.

If you are looking for the iron garden table on the internet, read also the reviews written by other buyers, so you have a more complete idea of what you are going to buy.

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