Cockroach Traps Where Do You Buy Them?

The fight against cockroaches should be entrusted to experienced personnel because they are very difficult to eradicate: they nest in the most hidden parts of the house, they only come out in the dark and are resistant to many of the insecticides found on the market. However, if you decide to opt for DIY, one of the best solutions is cockroach traps, both for their effectiveness and for their low environmental impact.

You can buy cockroach traps conveniently on the internet.

Adhesive Cockroach Traps

Cockroach traps are remedies used both for monitoring infested areas and for insect trapping. The traditional ones (adhesive traps) consist of small cardboard boxes with slits on the sides, similar to houses, with the bottom sprinkled with a glue that serves to trap cockroaches, attracting them by means of a priming substance.

Electric Traps For Cockroaches

In addition to glue traps, other remedies can be found on the market that act by trapping cockroaches. Electric traps, for example, are metal boxes that attract cockroaches by means of bait; once trapped, the insects are killed by an electric shock.

Cockroach traps should be placed in places where insects enter, so as to create a barrier to their entry, and in places where cockroaches are most frequently sighted, such as cracks in walls, ventilation holes, heat exchangers of household appliances (fridge, freezer, coffee machine, etc.) and garbage containers.

After setting the traps, it is advisable to be careful to keep them under control.

The Germanic Blattella, for example, is used to take eggs with it; if it is caught together with the ooteca, it may happen that, after hatching, the larvae do not remain trapped in the adhesive strip, thus going to hide in a protected place and look for food.

The cockroach traps represent also an effective system of monitoring of the environment which allows to detect early the appearance of small outbreaks of infestation and to control the occurrence of a re-infestation, identifying the most frequented areas, where usually the young individuals and the females ready to lay the ootheca nest.

DIY Cockroach Traps

As an alternative to commercially available cockroach traps, it is possible to make home traps that are quite effective when used to eliminate a small population of adult cockroaches.

Another ingenious solution to get rid of cockroaches, which exploits their need for food instead of water, is to take a plastic bottle cut in half and grease the walls very well with Vaseline to prevent insects from climbing up.

At this point, all that is left to do is to insert in the container some food to act as bait, such as, for example, fruit peels, and place the trap in the areas most frequented by the cockroaches, close to the walls.

Cockroach traps are indicated for minor infestations, where they are rather resolutive, especially if used in combination with other methods, but it is necessary to underline that they are not always sufficient to completely eradicate the invasion, also because they do not affect the eggs. They have the advantage of not being toxic on people and animals, but they are less effective than other antiblatte remedies such as gel baits, which do not limit themselves to kill the insects, but poison them with a substance which remains active even after the ingestion in order to make sure that, once back to the nest, the cockroaches infect the whole colony.

It is important to bear in mind that, before applying cockroach traps or any other treatment against cockroaches, the affected areas must be thoroughly cleaned and the waste must not be left in plain sight for too long, in order to protect the house from health and hygiene hazards. These preventative measures must be followed even after the cockroaches have been eliminated, in order to avoid the risk of re-infestation.

It should be added that, if the infestation is at an advanced stage, there is no point in trying to solve the problem on our own. The only solution is to turn to professional exterminators capable of exterminating cockroaches of any species, reaching the most hidden points where the insects nest and eliminating even the eggs, which are particularly resistant to treatment, without endangering the safety of people and the environment. In addition, experts in the field are able to identify the type of cockroach and choose the most effective method of capture based on habits and behavior.

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