5 things you should know before buying an electric pizza oven

If you are deciding to start your own restaurant business (a pizzeria specifically) or if you are planning to renovate the environment and machinery of your restaurant, you will certainly have thought about how to diversify and improve the service, with the clear objective of increasing the business as well as the image. From these tips you can consider what best commercial pizza oven you can buy.

If the environment and the furniture are the criteria with which to renew the “exterior” aspect of the restaurant, the choice of the type of oven will help to outline the type of cuisine and, often, also its quality at 360 degrees: for this reason the oven is a fundamental and deserving of attention.

In a pizzeria, whether it is specialized in pizza by the slice or round pizza, a primary factor to be evaluated is precisely the type of professional machinery to be used for optimal cooking. Gas or electric (even tunnel models), there are several criteria to be taken into consideration when choosing the oven:

  1. The ability to meet the timing in the event of a large influx.
  2. Quality and uniformity of cooking.
  3. The type of product you want to offer the customer.
  4. The practicality of use (and therefore also the technical skills in reaching and maintaining the set temperature).
  5. Cost-effectiveness of management.

In recent years, in the international market of professional machinery, even in a country as traditional as ours, the electric pizza oven is increasingly emerging: a solution capable of ensuring remarkable convenience and speed of cooking, especially in all those contexts where performance and quality must go hand in hand to ensure optimal service to customers.

Electric oven for pizzeria: how your way of working changes

Pizza makers need different tools (machinery, tools, etc.) and people (assistants) in the management of their work and therefore in the preparation of dishes. Together with their skill and experience (and the quality that can characterize the ingredients), there is a third fundamental element that is able to help in a decisive way, namely the professional oven, specifically the electric one.

It is worth remembering and emphasizing that having the non plus ultra of the professional electric ovens currently on the market without the manual skill, the in-depth knowledge of flours and doughs and the availability of excellent raw materials, does not automatically make pizzas taste great. Tools and machinery do their important part, but picking up Roger Federer’s tennis racket doesn’t take you to the top of the world circuit.

This statement is not to say the opposite of what was explained before, but to point out one fact: a high quality oven does its job better, that is to say the cooking, if handled and cared for by skilled hands and if the product/pizza is of high quality from the point of view of ingredients.

Given these aspects, how can an electric pizza oven change your work? To put it directly and simply:

  • it simplifies and optimizes cooking;
  • can also be used by those who are less experienced;
  • allows to modulate and regulate the temperature of the sky and the stalls (in electric tunnel models also to set the conveyor belt speed).

It also does not require the high level of maintenance and cleanliness of a classic wood-fired or gas-fired oven, but this will be discussed in more detail later. Practicality and ease of use are the key words with which a professional electric pizza oven can change the work in your premises.

Cooking quality: the performance of electric ovens

The electric oven is generally more flexible and precise during cooking than the corresponding gas or wood fired oven. In the professional field, the models designed for the pizzeria sector are able to reach and maintain the desired temperature in an excellent way thanks to quality refractory materials and technological solutions that are easy to handle.

Beyond its functionality, the result that most interests the customers, and consequently the owners of the premises, is the final product, the pizza. As explained above, an oven alone does not make a dish excellent, quality is a miscellany of factors that include raw materials, experience and skill. Therefore, those who claim the undisputed supremacy of a wood-fired oven and its tradition are mistaken, because if the other elements are missing, a mediocre if not terrible result will inevitably come out. The wood can bring that well-known and appreciated smoking, but it does not perform miracles.

The electric pizza oven brings with it many advantages: an extremely adjustable and modular cooking, it is able to reach the same temperatures of the “brothers” with wood and gas (pizza requires them very high). All these types of ovens are able to produce excellent results, but only the cooking carried out by the electric one can be defined as really uniform and precise, as explained in the following comparison:

In a wood-fired model, the pizza baked immediately causes a lowering of the temperature of the stalls due to the humidity introduced and the interruption of radiation. During any evening of work in the kitchen, this leads to fluctuating and not always constant performance of the oven (with adjoining breaks for wood, waiting for the temperature to return, etc.).
The electric counterpart, on the other hand, generally consisting of a rectangular cooking chamber, develops the heat through the electric heating elements on the base and ceiling (both adjustable in different ways). In this way the baked pizza cooks in contact with the refractory stone and through the radiation of the walls and the sky, which are never subject to drops in temperature.

Are you looking for the most suitable professional electric oven for your business?

The possibility to independently regulate the heat of the heating elements allows you to standardize and customize the cooking, a result that wood or gas ovens are not able to achieve. The goodness of the product does not change substantially compared to the other two (which also have their own unique characteristics), but only the electric pizza oven is able to ensure optimal and uniform cooking thanks to the ability to manage the temperature.

Professional effectiveness to the advantage of the customer and therefore of the restaurant

Simplicity of use, practicality and uniform cooking are clear and decisive advantages for any restorative activity, especially for the pizzeria, as the effectiveness and quality that results can make customers and owners happy. To these is added another factor that can be included among the advantages, namely the possibility to customize the size of the professional oven to meet the numerical needs of the restaurant.

On the market you can find modular professional models, from 1 to 3 or more rooms, where you can bake up to 10-15 pizzas at the same time and then respond quickly to orders even in case of intense flows. It is not necessary to keep them all lit: during the end of the service or on weekdays (normally with a reduced number of patrons) you can use only one or 2 rooms, saving energy (and therefore money).

In this case the optimization of cooking offered by a professional electric oven also translates into improved productivity and exemplary time management: 360° efficiency for the benefit of customers, owners and even pizza makers.

Maintenance and installation less structurally binding

Opting for a professional electric pizza oven in your premises means discovering that the usability is not only about the simple use of the machinery, but also about its installation and maintenance. Two aspects that require much less attention and effort than wood- or gas-fired models and which are part of the qualities of electric models: practicality and efficiency.

It does not burn fuel and there are no residues to collect and throw away (such as ash, sawdust, etc.).

It does not require the installation of systems to cut down potentially polluting fine dust and to purify soot, fumes and odours.

As for the gas models (and differently from the wood models) it does not require a masonry construction or the installation of a flue pipe (which is often not even feasible in certain contexts or is only obtainable at exorbitant costs), but it can also be moved and relocated in case of renovation or relocation.

It does not require a space to transport and store wood.

The professional electric oven is always clean, requires minimal and quick care, distinguishing itself for its simplicity and practicality at the service of the pizzeria.

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